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October 30, 2019 - TCO

TCO Comeback: Tim & Timmy, Type 1 Diabetics

Tim knew something wasn’t quite right when his son, Timmy, was just two years old. While playing baseball in the backyard, Timmy kept telling him he was thirsty. Tim, a diabetic since age 22, quickly tested his son for the disease, and the results were off the charts.

From then on, managing diabetes became the new normal for the father-son duo, but they didn’t let the disease slow them down. Baseball became a huge part of life. Tim proudly coached many of Timmy’s teams, and Timmy became a standout on the diamond. The memories they made together were unforgettable.

Life for Tim, however, would change drastically at 58 years old, when a sore on his foot from a golf shoe wouldn’t close. With limited options, Tim turned to TCO.  As Joseph Nemanich, MD, entered the room, Tim asked, “Who are you?”

Dr. Nemanich confidently replied, “I’m the guy who’s going to save your life.”

With his trust in Dr. Nemanich, Tim elected for a lower leg amputation. Just four days later, he was back to work and was soon walking like he hadn’t lost a step. Feeling both happy and relieved, Tim’s life began to feel normal again. Then, the family was dealt another blow.

After taking a bad step in his garage, Timmy broke his heel, and it was clear the wound wasn’t going to recover. Like his father, Timmy would need an amputation, and to begin his own comeback journey.

With courage, determination, and guidance from his father and TCO, Timmy is beginning to make strides. Though it’s been a challenge at times, Tim and Timmy have been able to rely on each other through the ups and downs.

Tim likes to say, “There are no limitations,” and he and his son are proof. Timmy’s goal is to one day run the bases again, and there’s no doubt he’ll be an inspiration to others along the way.


Tim & Timmy’s Comeback Film

 TCO Comeback Films

The story of Tim and Timmy is one of several TCO Comeback films featuring real TCO patients making incredible returns from injury.

For some, a comeback is running the bases again, while for others it simply means being able to play with the kids. Everyone’s story may be different, but every comeback is an accomplishment worth celebrating, and an opportunity to inspire others.

A sincere thank you to Tim and Timmy, as well as everyone who has welcomed us into their lives to share their stories.