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TCO | Excel Surgery Program Launched

August 20, 2012 - TCO

TCO | Excel Surgery Program Launched

Innovative new, all-inclusive Twin Cities Orthopedics program combines top surgical care with a recovery retreat for improved patient outcomes and lowered healthcare costs.

Twin Cities Orthopedics has launched a new, all-inclusive surgical and recovery program called Excel (, heralded as the future of orthopedic care. Citing the program as a breakthrough, Excel provides a dedicated nurse practitioner to guide a patient from pre-surgery through post-surgery and into a special recovery retreat. Each patient recovers at the comfortable Excel recovery retreat in a serene, beautifully appointed private suite. Patients are supervised by a complete medical team and undergo rehabilitation within hours of surgery, ensuring they recover faster, resume work sooner and return to their active lifestyle.

“This is one of the most innovative advancements we’ve seen in reducing costs, yet raising quality. There’s nothing like it. We’ve seen surgical centers across the country outsourcing recovery to hotels. But a hotel room can feel almost as impersonal as a hospital and certainly doesn’t meet the sanitary qualifications nor the on-site medical rehabilitation the Excel program offers. It meets all our requirements and then some,” said Dr. Owen R. O’Neill, Twin Cities Orthopedics.

The unique aspect to the program is the comprehensive, all-inclusive nature of the care. Patients receive a consulting nurse practitioner to guide them through the entire experience, from the initial surgical consultation through aftercare in the program’s premier recovery retreat with relaxing suites and the amenities of home – wireless, flat screens and kitchenettes. In the Excel program, patients have 24-hour medical care in a soothing environment with the rehabilitation facility within steps of their suite.

Surprisingly, reducing recovery time while elevating the patient experience can cost less – by up to 50% in some circumstances. A traditional knee replacement surgery could cost roughly $40,000, while that same procedure with a stay in the Excel recovery retreat almost halves the cost to $21,000. The cost savings is substantial no matter who is footing the bill, patient or insurance provider. Excel features one set-price, thus all-inclusive and no surprises.

Hip and knee replacement patients are trending younger. Today’s active lifestyles, every day athletes and daily workouts are taking a toll on people even in their 40’s. This active patient needs to get back to work and their lifestyle in short order. The patient recovers in a private, nicely appointed suite, are into therapy immediately and recover faster,” added Troy Simonson, Administrator, Twin Cities Orthopedics.

According to Sharelle Peterson, an athlete and knee replacement patient, the Excel program was far more comforting and inviting than a hospital stay. “Being part of the Excel program, I was able to stay in a place where I didn’t feel sick. I was there because I was recovering. The environment was much more comfortable than the hospital, and I received assistance when I needed it much quicker than my hospital experiences in the past. I also saw my surgeon every day.”

The financial model for the Excel program sets it apart from alternatives. Costs are bundled in an all-inclusive package. There’s one single bill compared to the traditional model where a patient may receive eight to ten bills. And for that one single bill, there’s a single Excel healthcare team providing continuity of care. After surgery, Excel patients are seen by their surgeon, care team and internal medicine doctors, a process setting Excel apart from other alternatives. With TCO Excel there is no revolving door of healthcare professionals. Patients have a set healthcare team to provide support, education and care throughout the process.

“While TCO is initiating the program with knee replacement patients, we will soon expand Excel to include all our major procedures that benefit by a stay in our recovery retreat. Additionally, the program greatly simplifies the healthcare billing process and provides one transparent price for the entire continuum of care,” concludes Simonson. “We’ve designed Excel to provide a tremendous patient experience and high quality care, consistent with the superior level of quality TCO has practiced for 60 years.”