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May 21, 2019 - TCO

TCO using outcome data to improve patient care

At Twin Cities Orthopedics, we have a responsibility to our patients and their families, and to our communities as a whole, to make health care better for everyone. That’s why for the past several years we’ve been analyzing surgical outcomes, gathering feedback about your experiences, and putting the data to good use.

Patient Results

All TCO patients are asked a simple question: “Would you recommend TCO to a family member or friend?” Think about that question for a moment. There are a lot of places you visit in your life that are OK or fine, but not worthy of your trusted recommendation. Saying “yes, I would recommend TCO,” is the greatest compliment we can receive. To date, 98 percent of patients have given us that stamp of approval.

“It has been a pleasure to participate in the extraordinary success that TCO has achieved in quantifying patient care,” TCO Chief Medical Officer Gary Wyard, MD, said. “We have ongoing and reportable patient-satisfaction results for all our providers, and we are conducting an unprecedented level of outcome studies through our service lines.”

Outcome Data

The information gathered from patient-reported outcomes is valuable because it comes directly from each patient about their experience before and after surgery.

“Data from patient-reported outcomes shows us how we’re doing and lets us provide the best care possible to all patients,” Rachel Uzlik, TCO Vice President of Clinic Services & Quality said. “It sets a higher standard for quality health care.”

Impact of Data

Thanks to the generosity of patients who filled out forms after their visits, we’ve collected nearly half a million patient surveys. That’s an incredible amount of information, and we’re grateful for every single participant. We’re using this data to make improvements across our practice and elevate the experience for everyone at TCO.

We’re working on making it easy for you to fill out forms at home because we know it results in higher patient satisfaction and more efficient clinic visits. We also know you want more guidance after surgery, so we’ve begun testing easy-to-follow post-op treatment plans. So far, 100 percent of patients who received a plan say their care experience exceeded their expectations. In the future, expect to see expanded initiatives.

We’re rapidly improving, and it’s all thanks to you.