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October 16, 2019

Aaron M.

We made an appointment with Dr. Cole a couple of days after my daughter sustained her first concussion while playing lacrosse. Quite a surprise when we got in the next day! We met with Fred initially and he ran my daughter through a series of questions and tests. He was confident in the fact that she had a concussion but Dr. Cole would confirm it. Dr. Cole did confirm the concussion and provided us with a game plan that allowed for my daughter to get back to normal activity as soon as possible. We did physical therapy with Michael Steiner at TCO Eagan and he was fantastic overall. Whether it was how much he cared for my daughter or continually letting us know what he's seeing and how we should react to it. In addition to PT, my daughter needed vision therapy as well. Dr. Cole and Michael Steiner suggested eye therapy with Dr. Trent Cole in order to bring my daughter's eyes back to normal. The care provided by all three doctors was phenomenal and I would highly recommend going to Dr. Cole if you're ever in the position we were.