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March 14, 2019

Andy H.

In August of 2018 I shredded my patellar tendon jumping trying to win a $2 t-shirt for hitting a volleyball. 10 days later, Dr. Lewis was performing the first surgery to repair the damage. After surgery, I was in an immobilizer for around 12 weeks. During this time, I met with Tegan and Hannah to start physical therapy. During this time therapy went fine. I was able to do straight leg raises fairly quickly and progressed as expected. The next phase is to start to bend the knee. I equate it as the tendon is like a frozen bungee cord, has to stretch it out. Along the way there were many hurdles, swelling in the knee, tightness in the hamstrings and t band slowed progress as well as the knee already being arthritic . At 1 point I was measured at 80 degrees and was stuck there. After a follow-up with Dr. Lewis he said he believed that scar tissue had built up on the repaired tendon and was keeping me from progressing any farther, so back under the knife I went to clean up the scar tissue and knee manipulation. After that we continued PT 3 times a week and made some progress but again because stuck but now at 90 degrees. Back to Dr. Lewis for another follow-up. Dr. Lewis was not unsure what was keeping me from bending past 90 degrees and proceeded to give me the bad news. He was unsure if I would be able to walk normal again let alone play sports. This was difficult for me to hear as sports and being active have been my life. If I’m not playing a game I’m coaching a game. At this time this is where Tegan shined! Not only did she continue to push me during my therapy, she helped me with my mental and emotional state! And to be honest that was probably the most important therapy she provided. We continued to work hard, bending and pushing until I couldn’t do more. In my next follow-up I’m proud to say Dr. Lewis said in a couple of months you should be able to run and jump again!!! Tegan stayed with me the whole time, assisting me to trust my knee as I ran, made cuts and jumped! Last week I played volleyball for the first time since August 27th and it was great! Being able to compete again is such a huge accomplishment for me!!! And without Tegan I strongly believe that I would not have been able to accomplish this! Thank you Tegan, Hannah and of course Dr. Lewis for helping me get right!!!