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April 6, 2019

Ashley F.

My arm had been hurting for weeks now. It hurt when I threw a ball while playing softball. Every doctors visit recommended rest, and rest only. I even tried going to the chiropractor but it didn’t help. Someone told my mom and I about physical therapy. We thought we would try it out. My physical therapist, Mike Dixey, specialized in elbow and shoulder care. My first day of therapy I walked in very nervous, and I wasn’t sure of what to expect. Then I met a silly guy who was easy to talk to and pushed me so I could get my arm better. He then told me I needed to come into physical therapy twice per week for six weeks. I then looked forward to physical therapy each week. It was coming to an end and I was sad. He has inspired me to become a physical therapist when I grow up. Mike told me I could come into Twin Cities Orthopedics and shadow him someday. I plan to do that when I get my license. Mike gave me my own exercises to do at home after physical therapy ended. I haven’t stopped doing these exercises since, and this was two years ago. My arm is better and I’m still able to play the sport I love.