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August 27, 2018

Bill M.

Dr. Loren Vorlicky is a great orthopedic surgeon. He also is assisted by a tremendous physician’s assistant, Nathanael Hall, PA-C. I had a redo of a hip because a minimally invasive surgical technique done elsewhere did not work and came loose. The loose implant caused enormous pain over the course of a year. One year after that surgery, Dr. Vorlicky had to do a complete and total redo of the hip. It was a complicated surgery. Dr. Vorlicky is compassionate. He is a listener and empathetic and did a fabulous job in the redo of the first surgery. All of my pain, which was significant from the first surgery, is gone. I am very grateful to Dr. Vorlicky for listening and caring and also for doing a fabulous, fabulous job in the second surgery. I so appreciate the way Dr. Vorlicky and Nate have treated me during this entire difficult process. I am very grateful to have had such a great surgeon.