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September 3, 2019

Brenda R.

Before my first hip replacement with Dr. Meyer, I had stopped doing everything. After it, I was able to resume some walking and pool exercise. Then my other hip started getting the same pain. The simple things I was doing had to stop. Now, after my second hip replacement I actually thought to myself that if I needed to run to save someone's life, I think I could do it. I have shared with so many people how the hip replacement has decreased my knee pain so much that they should make sure their hips aren't the problem before getting knee replacement. I am able to take full stride steps and walk fast. Seems simple but it wasn't just three months ago when I was, again, doing this weird lumbering walk. I no longer need to worry about how I am sitting. Prior to my right hip replacement, my hip would get stuck. The pain was phenomenal! I'm not worried about that anymore. The pain also impacted the low impact water aerobics that I was doing. Now I'm not worried about that anymore either!