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March 27, 2019

Brian R.

In 2011, after a work injury, I chose to see the fine surgeons of Twin Cities Orthopedics and it was determined that I needed my right hip replaced. This was the beginning of my experience with TCO. During my recovery, I did my physical therapy with TCO and worked with two amazing people; Shannon Burmeister and Jay Schindler. I spent a majority of my time with Shannon. She encouraged me to work really hard because she knew for me to be able to return to work, a very physical job, would mean I'd have to have my full range of motion back. I knew I had to do the work but she had such a kind way of coaching me through it all and it didn't feel like work. She was positive and reassuring and she helped me regain my confidence on the new hip and I was able to return to work without restrictions. In 2013, I had my left hip replaced and again, I was blessed to work with Shannon in my recovery. Her hard work and dedication helped me to return to work from that surgery without restrictions as well. On my journey to become the "bionic man", I had my left knee replaced in 2014 and the right knee replaced in 2015. By now, I felt a little like Norm, from Cheers, because when I showed up they all knew my name. The last surgery I had with TCO was in 2016 when they repaired a dislocated knee cap. This was probably the most grueling therapy of all but again, with Shannon's help, I was able to get back to work and I'm happy to say, I have been back working ever since with no further complications. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, I share about the experience I had with my surgeons and my physical therapists. Their treatment and care was second to none. TCO helped put me back together again and for that I will always be grateful!