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January 27, 2016

Bruce D. C.

Dr. Owen O'Neill has replaced both of my hips. The first was done October 16, 2007 and the second was done recently on November 13, 2015. In 2007 he explained to me that the surgery would be as minimally invasive as possible but it was done using the then traditional approach (either lateral, from the side, or posterior, from the back). Actually the first was somewhat a combination of the two; I've described that left hip replacement as having the incision in a southwesterly location. I was told of the physical limitations and pain I would experience until I was fully recovered. I used crutches, did all of the physical therapy exercises and managed the pain with medication. There were no surprises and I was very satisfied with the results The recent 2015 replacement was done using the direct anterior approach. Before the surgery Dr. O'Neill explained that this different approach should minimize the pain (and the necessary medication), speed healing and generally provide a quicker recovery. Of course I somewhat seriously asked why we didn't do it that way the first time. It is now about 2-1/2 months after the second surgery and I've jokingly told Dr. O'Neill that hip replacement has become similar to getting fast food; drive up to the first window, insurance makes the payment, drive to the second window, get a new hip and go home. I don't recall exactly how long I used crutches in 2007, how much pain medication I took or how long it was until I was able to resume all physical activities without any limitations. I do recall enough to know the difference in the overall recovery from the two surgeries was remarkable. In 2015 I used the crutches for less than a week, I did not use all of only one prescription for pain medication, I was carefully riding the stationary bike in less than two weeks in addition to doing the physical therapy exercises and I was walking normally with no pain in about a month. At about a month post-surgery I was able to increase my workouts to about an hour and one-half nearly every day (bike, weights and exercises). I will resume outdoor biking up to 30 miles a day when Minnesota weather permits. My recovery from the most recent surgery was so much quicker and involved much less pain. I don't believe any surgeon could have done a better job and it's a big plus when your doctor is also a very nice fellow.