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April 4, 2019

Charles V.

My wife and I are so impressed with Dr. Marek and his team that we have become frequent flyers with him! Dr. Marek is not only an excellent surgeon, but a very caring person. I had Carpal Tunnel and Antecubital Tunnel surgery on my left arm on March 9, 2018. Approximately 2 weeks later, my wife noticed blood-tinged drainage from the elbow area, looked at my elbow, said the incision on the elbow opened up, and immediately took me to TCO's Urgent Care in Waconia. Ben-PA-C took a picture of the incision, sent it to Dr. Marek, who was out of town. I was stitched up and sent home with an antibiotic. When I saw Dr. Marek and Ryan, PA-C for follow up, I was told they changed how they stitch up the elbow because of my specific case. Dr. Marek cares about his patient, how the incision looks, and every aspect of the procedure from beginning through to the end. My wife broke her wrist and had surgery, I had Carpal Tunnel and Antecubital Tunnel surgery on my right arm, my wife had Carpal Tunnel on her right wrist, and is scheduled for Carpal Tunnel on her left wrist. Dr. Marek and his team did all of the surgeries with good outcomes! We would recommend him and his team to anyone.