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February 28, 2012

Dale B.

Dale B.

Dale B. has been a patient of Joseph Teynor, MD for various orthopedic issues over the years, including his right arm and his knees. After suffering a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder, Dale opted to rehabilitate his shoulder through a physical therapy exercise program. He can now effectively use his shoulder again and is able to serve while playing tennis.Thanks to his positive initial experience with Twin Cities Orthopedics (pictured left to right: Michelle Carrywater, Care Coordinator, Dale, Dr Teynor, Troy Evenson, PA-C) Dale decided to come to Dr. Teynor for the constant pain that had surfaced in both of his knees. “I appreciated his frankness and honesty,” he said. He had his left knee replaced and says it is “working well but my right knee tells me it’s time to be fixed.” Dale plans to have Dr. Teynor perform the surgery within the year.