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June 15, 2016

Darin J.

I have had tears in both of my shoulders involving the labrum to each side for the past 5 years or so. I also learned through MRIs that my labrums weren't developed normally to the socket, and so I endured loose shoulder joints throughout my life. I tried everything from conservative therapy pre-surgery, as well as attempting to "tough it out" and limiting myself from most aspects of any sport. Having an athletic personality I felt continuously frustrated and saw no improvements in stability. Eventually I decided it was time to take action and see a surgeon.

Twin Cities Orthopedics introduced me to Dr. Eggert. The medical knowledge this man has is incredible, he was able to answer all questions I had and explained in great detail the arthroscopic procedures. I knew pretty quickly I was in good hands between Dr. Eggert and his staff. I had my right shoulder operated on mid-February, and the left shoulder done later in March. As I progressed with my therapy program I noticed stability in my shoulder like never before.

I am now a total of four months post-op since my first surgery. Every day I notice improvements and am so thankful and happy with the surgeries. It is a long recovery, but I have been so happy with the results. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Cathy Carrabre (Physical Therapist) who did an amazing job.

This has been a life changing experience. In a year or so from now I should be able to resume all activities I have missed out on for so long without restrictions. 10/10 experience. You guys are the best.