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December 16, 2016

Dave W.

While taking part in an obstacle course mid-September, I suffered a shoulder injury, specifically a dislocated shoulder. After an immediate trip to the emergency room to have my shoulder placed back into the socket, I had to make an appointment to see an orthopedic physician to explore some options. This is when I met Dr. O'Keefe. I explained my situation to him and he had me schedule an MRI, concerned there may be additional damage to the injury site. He was correct. I had also torn my labrum. Again, it was time to explore some options. Surgery was not on my list of things I wanted to do, but Dr. O'Keefe explained it was the best avenue for me and more importantly, why. In a few minutes, Dr. O'Keefe reminded me of the meaningful things in life, which was significant because he spoke of my family, all while my wife and kids were in the room. I agreed to have surgery, followed by physical therapy. Dr. O'Keefe performed the procedure on me, which was a success. While I was in recovery, Dr. O'Keefe went to fill my wife in on how it had gone and said to call with any questions or concerns. This made me feel like I was the only patient Dr. O'Keefe had since it seemed as though he had committed so much time and effort on me since I had first went to see him. Following surgery, the team of physical therapists at Twin Cities Orthopedics in Otsego treated me with dignity and respect. All in all, this mishap, which was not planned, intentional, or desired, gave me the opportunity to meet some great people who had genuine compassion and sincere interest to get me back to normal. I would profoundly recommend having Dr. O'Keefe and the team(s) at Twin Cities Orthopedics facilitate your orthopedic needs.