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July 13, 2017

David P.

Started having knee problems back in the 1990 spots related. First my ACL went out and then had a shim put in my knee later on, but after time the knee was shot and wasn't able to do spots any more go up and down steps, ride a bike and do karate. It was time to have the knee fix and after having the knee surgery around 2005 wasn't sure how I would do. I was given some pain killers for a short time and did all my therapy like the doctor told me to do. Was off of pain killers in about 3 to 5 weeks and took Advil instead if needed. Doing my exercise every day,2 to 3 times a day and doing what the doctor said. Yes it took effort on my part, but is was worth every ounce of sweet, after the doctor took me off of all restriction .. I go for a 6 mile bike ride or longer and not afraid to walk 6 miles , I have also returned to doing karate tournaments ,swimming and camping . Did I mention that both lags have acritical knees and it was the best think I could done. I have them for over 5 years and going strong. I feel that Dr. Edward Szalapski did a great job doing the knee replacement and his team that work in getting back to a normal life, I give him 10 stars. Remember no pain no gain. David Printup