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November 24, 2014

Faye B.

I was in disbelief when my doctor confirmed after an x-Ray that I had no hip joint space left on my right hip and precious little on the left. That explained my intense pain in my hip and groin, my clicking as I bent forward (bone on bone) and my leg giving out with certain movements. No one in my family history had hip issues. Hip surgery meant I had work to do. I read all I could find and questioned everyone I could on their replacement experience. I heard horror stories and my first visit to a surgeon left me in tears. I needed a second opinion.I had heard and read that the anterior approach was the easiest in terms of recovery. One of my acquaintances who had both her hips done told me her first surgery was awful in terms of recovery. She told me Dr. Brian  O'Neill did her other hip and it was done with the anterior approach and she said she had done a ton of research, viewed videos, went to classes and ultimately chose Dr. O'Neill. So, I made an appointment.When I arrived I was told he was running behind and I had a fairly early appointment. I did appreciate their honesty so I waited. I sat next to a woman probably five years older than my 67 years. We talked and she said she was there for a follow up appointment after her hip replacement. I thought how lucky for her she was way ahead of me. She had had Dr. O'Neill and told me what success she had with her surgery.When I met Dr. O'Neill, I understood why he was running late that day. He spent time with me, explained everything, gave me options, showed me x-rays (before and after) and although I was fighting surgery, I knew I would be okay under his care.I shed tears in his office and on the day of surgery. The hospital gives you a huge three ring notebook to read. It spoke of donating blood "just in case" and raised more questions for me. Dr. O'Neill helped me check off all my concerns and questions. I always came to see him, even after the surgery, with my list of uncertainties. He assured me he did hundreds of these surgeries every year but this was my first. I reminded him of that.May 5, 2014 came and off we went. Everyone was so nice but it was me having surgery. They told me I would be asleep before I left the room my family and I were in and I reminded them as we started out that I was still awake. Some time later, I woke up--DONE.The day went by, a few visitors came (family) and my husband stayed the night. I was at the Maple Grove Hospital and can't say enough good things about that hospital. I walked the halls with a walker that night and breathed a sigh of relief. I did have pain that night but morning came and I managed to freshen up in the bathroom, get dressed, fix my hair to look as presentable as I could the day after surgery.Dr. O'Neill was in early to check on me. I was sitting in a chair and he looked at me and said I looked like I was ready to go home. I said "yes". He said, "then go". WHAT? He said if I could do the physical therapy class and do the steps, I could go home. Who ever heard of going home the day after hip replacement surgery, but I did.Recovery was in my hands--do the exercises, move, ice the hip and come back the end of May. I was free to call him or his assistant with any questions. I had only three formal physical therapy sessions and always exceeded the goals set for me.My follow up visits with Dr. O'Neill were so comforting. He pushed me to give up the walker and the cane. He said at my last visit he would see me in two years but I know he knows my other hip is now wearing thin and won't make two years. I am thinking probably another May surgery. This time I am more prepared having been through it once. While not looking forward to it, I know I have the best surgeon and would and have recommended Dr. O'Neill to anyone with hip replacement surgery in their future.Thank you Dr. O'Neill.