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May 3, 2019

Grace K.

I'm a soccer player and I first tore my ACL in August 2016. I had surgery and two weeks later had a second surgery due to a rare situation where the endpoint of my graft moved. I spent 6 months in PT with Deb Kostecki and Kelly Soukup. I returned to playing soccer in June 2017 and couldn't be happier. I finished my club season by winning the Midwest regional championship and earning a trip to the national championships with my team. My high school season started again in August 2017 and my club season began in late October. I tore my ACL for a second time on Superbowl Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018. I also tore both of my meniscus at the same time. I had a 5 hour surgery on 2/21/18 where my ACL was reconstructed from my quad tendon, both meniscus were repaired and a cadaver tendon was placed along the side of my knee, like an internal splint. I started back in PT again a few days later with Kelly and Deb. I had so much scar tissue built up from my prior two surgeries that the nerves in my leg were affected and I couldn't get my knee straight and had continual pain in my foot. My focus in PT was range of motion in my knee and recovery from the surgery. I struggled with both. In July 2018, I had the 4th surgery on my knee in 22 months. This time it was a soft tissue release and scar tissue was removed as well as the nerve in my leg being released from the scar tissue and internal stitches it had gotten stuck on. Immediately after the surgery, the pain in my foot was gone and my range of motion was improved. I've continued with PT since that point to work on range of motion and now strength. Since August 2017, I've had 4 surgeries on my left knee and been in PT for almost 2 years - 15 straight months with the last injury. While I've had to give up my dream of playing college and club soccer, my goal is to play one last season of high school soccer. My comeback story isn't complete. I continue with PT once a week. I'm also participating in ACE Plus with Maggie Dewitz and training at Training HAUS to build strength in my leg. People think I'm crazy for wanting to play soccer again, but the entire team at TCO, my PT's , Dr. Neil Johnson and the Training HAUS crew, including Kirk Olson and Scott Schriever, are helping me work for one last season of high school soccer so I can leave the game on my terms this time.