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March 4, 2019

Gwen W.

My first hip surgery was in 2013 at age 14. In 2013 I had a labrum tear in my hip and FAI that needed correcting. That was a successful surgery and I was back playing sports competitively. In December of 2017, I started having more pain in my hip and it was discovered that I had a torn labrum again and would have to have this fixed. During this procedure it was found that my labrum had ossified (turned to bone), so a labrum repair wasn’t going to cut it. We scheduled surgery for early summer of 2018, which would be a newer surgery- a labrum reconstruction. This operation did not go as planned. I was then referred to Dr. Jason Holm who tried the operation again, this time successfully. I had relief for a little while, but it just wasn’t working. We knew this might not work, as I had been diagnosed with hip dysplasia but felt the labrum reconstruction was the way to go as it was really the only option. I was having so much pain after this surgery that I never thought I was going to live a normal life again. I wasn’t able to walk for any long distance, I wasn’t able to go to my clinical rotation, I wasn’t able to go out with friends, I wasn’t able to sleep. Dr. Holm listened to my concerns, consulted with other doctors and we came up with the decision together that a total hip replacement was the way to go. This was scheduled for December of 2018. Having a total hip replacement at age 20 was a scary thing. I am writing this exactly three months post-op and I have never felt so good. I can walk for long distances, sit cross-legged and am anxiously waiting for it to be golfing season! I know there aren’t many 20 year olds getting total hip replacements but without this I wouldn’t be able to live my life. I am now working and going to school for Respiratory Therapy. Five hip surgeries later, I have an entirely new outlook on life. Without TCO and my new hip, I wouldn’t have any of that.