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August 19, 2019

Jennifer M.

I was in a boot for months hoping that that would cure my extraordinary ankle pain before having an MRI done which showed, my foot Dr. reported, that my tendons were destroyed, so torn they looked like the ends of a mop. He agreed with the surgeon he sent me to that I should get used to life in a brace; there was no good surgical outcome for me. This when I was only 40! A friend told me about Dr. Coetzee and calling his office was definitely the right choice. He didn’t hesitate to sign me up for surgery - I was in shock but extremely grateful! Where the other Dr.’s saw only risk, Dr. Coetzee had complete confidence in his skills and experience, so I did too. That was March 2018. I had been living with unbearable pain for a year. The surgery and recovery were about as painless as I imagine you can get. I did my physical therapy and it took a little while but I walk painlessly now, for as long as I want. In fact, for the most part, I’ve forgotten that I ever had a perineal tendon repair - or, got my busted up ankle fixed. And that is possibly the best review I can give for Dr. Coetzee. Or maybe this; He gave me my life back when no one else would even give me hope. I said I’ve almost forgotten I had the surgery but I won’t completely. I’ll always be thankful that I’m not spending my days hobbling around in a brace, sitting most of my life out. I am forever thankful for Dr. Coetzee.