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October 10, 2016

Jimmy B.

As a sports fanatic, it was very difficult to forego activities like golf, softball, bowling, etc. due to inability to walk or run without severe pain. Previous surgeons informed me that at my age of 57 that I was "too young" to have knee replacement surgery. Waiting an additional 18 months proved too painful and I got a referral to see the good doctor Allan. Within 30 days I had two Oxford partial knee replacements and returned home after surgery at Abbott within 36 hours. I was driving within three weeks and after successful therapy sessions I'm out golfing, trapshooting, boating and enjoying all kinds of activities. Dr. Hunt's group at TCO and the staff at Abbott were absolutely superb and a patient couldn't ask for any better treatment. Dr. Hunt reviewed every step of the procedure in detail and I felt comfortable with the decisions that were made for my health. You will not regret choosing Dr. Hunt as your surgeon.