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October 29, 2019

Joan C.

I am an active person, usually not in significant pain. When I injured myself, my husband had to help me get out of bed, put on my shoes and help me walk. I had a ruptured disc involving the sciatic nerve, causing extreme pain down my left leg to my toes. I got in for an appointment quickly at TCO, had x-rays the same day and an MRI the next. When I saw Dr. Deal, he explained my injury which demonstrated weakness in my foot and toes, indicating probable nerve damage. He explained how this could very well become permanent if not dealt with soon, with surgery being the best fix. I had a discectomy with Dr. Deal about 10 days later. In pre-op, Dr. Deal and some of the surgical team stopped by to say hi and were very kind and reassuring. Since the surgery, my pain is gone and I have my life back. There is just a short, narrow scar along my spine. My surgery was August 20, 2019 and today is October 29th. Dr. Deal is a talented and concerned surgeon with his patients best interest in mind. He is also surrounded by capable and caring staff, especially his PA, Nate. You will be in good hands.