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May 9, 2018

Judy B.

Dr. Owen O’Neill performed my minimally invasive anterior approach hip replacement on 1/23/2018. I’m 70 years old with an added complication of having had polio as a baby from which I made an excellent recovery. I suspected new post polio problems when pain & weakness began curbing my mobility. I had no idea they were also symptoms of my needing hip replacement. Eventually, even walking through the house had become too painful. In desperation, I made an appointment with an orthopedist who diagnosed me with needing a hip replacement. I began researching orthopedic surgeons on the internet for a 2nd opinion and ran across Dr. Owen O’Neill. His impressive credentials and experience, along with the patient testimonials on his website were all very impressive. Upon meeting and talking with Dr. O'Neill, I knew he was the highly skilled, kind and caring surgeon I wanted. My hip replacement was a complete success! Dr. O’Neill, along with Jessie, his physician assistant, took excellent care of me. Following surgery, my previous hip pain was gone. The operative pain was tolerable and definitely less than the pain I lived with before surgery. I was encouraged and happy with the progress I quickly made. I’m back to my previous activities and enjoying life. My only regret was waiting rather than finding Dr. O’Neill a few years ago. He truly gave me back my life! Many, many thank you's, Dr. O’Neill! Judy B