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April 9, 2019

Julie T.

After 10 years of knee problems, I was happy and scared to hear Dr. Comfort say I needed a total knee replacement. Happy to know I would have a working knee again, and scared at the prospect of surgery and rehab. The EXCEL Program was just what I needed. The encouraging calls from Molly and the team helped me with workouts ahead of surgery to better prepare me for recovery afterward. They took care of the on slot of paperwork from insurance and work. They scheduled the surgery and all my physical therapy appointments and post-op checks. March 5th at the Blaine Orthopedic Surgery Center, Dr. Comfort and his surgical team worked their magic on me. I was in the recovery room for 15 minutes and then got out of bed for a walk to the lav. The over night suite at the surgery center was comfortable and well equipped. The nursing staff and physical therapist took excellent care of me. The next week at home I was blessed to have my husband taking good care of me. The first week is the worst, spinal block wears off and swelling sets in and having to get up and move every 2 hours day and night. But i got through it with my marriage still intact! The next week is where the work begins. Physical therapy twice a week with daily home exercises. Brian and Katie at the TCO Vadnais Heights are the best! They have the right moves to get you back on track and pain will get you gain. Every week I am amazed at how much more I can do. I am just 5 weeks post surgery and have returned to my household routines and some of my social routines. Workouts at the YMCA are slow but sure and soon I'll be returning to my pool workouts. I am looking forward to a summer stand up paddle boarding on area lakes and riding my bike. By late summer I hope to be back at work as a flight attendant and enjoying life with my new knee! Thank you Dr. Comfort and TCO team for giving me my freedom back!