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June 5, 2021

Karen B.

I had wonderful experience when having my total knee replacement! The EXCEL Program at TCO worked like a well oiled clock. The first two nights were painful and I had to rock myself for an hour to get adequate pain relief. On the first night, a nurse walked with me at least four times through the hospital halls and I never waited more than five minutes to have my call light answered. They kept adding ice to my machine so the alarms never went off. All of the staff knew exactly what recovery would be like and nurses answered all of my questions correctly. I did not use a walker or crutches following surgery but I had them just in case I was unsteady. I was able to return to playing pickleball the fourth week after surgery and, to my amazement, I have been playing daily ever since the surgery. The pain subsided after the third week. I’m only 63 years old so I’m thrilled I can do anything I choose to do again!