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June 28, 2016

Karen M.

Dr. Christian DuBois is not only a skilled and gifted surgeon but an excellent communicator.  He has completed 2 cervical fusions for me C6&C7 2012 and C5&C6 May 2016.  Both fusions although different in technique have been highly successful in relieving constant headaches, severe arm and neck pain.  Dr. DuBois was always very conscientious in explaining options and procedure, never rushing our appointments, while always listening to my concerns.  He empowered me as a patient in letting me know the final decision was mine. To quote my husband, “He is a miracle worker."  It cannot go without saying Dr. DuBois' assistant Bonnie is a one of a kind, efficient, caring, and compassionate person.  She has seemed like a lifeline for me on many occasions.  I will continue to recommend Dr. DuBois and his team with the greatest of confidence. A simple thank you does not seem like enough.