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July 14, 2014

Karen S.

"I have received great care from Dr. Asp and all the staff at TCO and I recommend them to everyone I talk to who needs surgery," said Karen S. (pictured), a patient of Jonathan Asp, MD. Karen’s first experience with Twin Cities Orthopedics was a visit with Dr. Asp to discuss her knee pain. After a pair of cortisone shots provided only temporary relief, Karen decided to have both of her knees replaced. Karen kept to the recommended post-surgery exercise program and said that since the surgery, her “knees have been just great.” More recently, Karen began to experience pain in both of her shoulders. Over a thirteen month period, she had both of her shoulders replaced by Dr. Asp. Two weeks after her first shoulder surgery, she was able to raise her arm straight up  Shortly thereafter, Karen said she “used her snow blower and cleaned my driveway and sidewalk.” Karen said she is grateful for the technology advances in joint replacement surgery, as it enables her “to continue to live alone in my own house!”