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June 15, 2013

Karl W.

I had a hip replacement on my right hip in June 2013 with the new direct anterior approach. I never expected things to be good so soon. Dr. O'Neill indicated that the healing time was short and that I would be up and about rather quickly, but the healing exceeded my expectations. By two weeks after the operation I am walking comfortably, do not need any supports such as a walker or a cane, I can bend comfortably, and I get up and down, walk, get in an out of cars, etc. more comfortably than I have been able to do in years. The operation, the post operation care, the attention of the staff and Dr. O'Neill's superb work deserves the highest commendation. All the information I received before the procedure was right on point, I was kept clearly informed every step of the way. I wish I had realized how easy this would be because I would not have waited this long to get this surgery. I feel like a new person and am grateful that such work can be done so well. Highest commendations to Dr. O'Neill and his staff.