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June 23, 2016

Kathy D.

After almost completely giving up, I found Dr. Kelly online. I will never forget the day I was in his office for my appointment. The first thing Dr. Kelly said was, "There is always hope!" He listened to me with compassion, and addressed my concerns.   He then brought in the ultrasound and took a look for himself.  He discussed the fairly new Tenex procedure  and stated he felt I would be a good candidate for this.  I had complete faith in him, and agreed I would give the surgery a try. The procedure was fairly new. The folks from Tenex came up to Minnesota and were present in the surgery room when he did my procedure. No medication was needed other than a local shot to numb my elbow.  I was in and out in less than 20 minutes. After a short 10 minute stay in recovery, I was able to leave and even drive myself home. I had my procedure on Friday, and the following Monday I was back to work.  My pain was gone, and continues to be.  I am now three years post-surgery.  I still think about Dr. Kelly and his team. They truly saved my life. The pain had gotten the best of me.  Dr. Kelly and his team were professional, experienced, and definitely patient advocates.  Dr. Kelly also delivered  100% quality care at an affordable price.  I would highly recommend him and will visit him again when it's time to have the procedure on my right elbow. Thanks Dr. Kelly and team.