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March 28, 2019

Kathy E.

IN A LEAGUE OF MY OWN. Having bilateral total knee replacement on Jan 7th, 2019 puts you on a path few have ventured. But after years of injections and medication fails, it was time to make the decision to replace both knees. I'm turning 62 in a few weeks. I'm an active wife, mother and grammy, or I should say I was until the daily pain of bone-on-bone would send me to the recliner with my ice packs by the afternoon. The best part of the summer days were my husband and I's early morning 20 mile bike rides around our area. Biking was the one thing I could do, yes bike 20 miles, but not walk 3 blocks! My appointment in Oct 2018 with Dr. Joe Nemanich started the discussion of what could be next and we picked the date for my bilateral TKR. On Nov 1st, I began my pre-hab at home with a daily routine to get in the best shape for Jan. I was confident going into surgery Jan 7th. It was a tough few weeks, but things seemed to be coming along according to my PT, Leah Toth, at Burnsville TCO. At 5 weeks post-op, it was apparent progress stopped and very active scar tissue took over and locked me at 90 degrees. The next step was the dreaded MUA on Feb 25th. Another blow to my recovery, but you have to keep fighting on! Leah and her team have been fantastic! They continue to encourage me every step of the way! Seeing your therapist everyday for 2 weeks at 80 minutes a session builds more than the usual relationship. Through tears of pain and frustration, there were also happy tears when a new ROM had been achieved! This has been one of the biggest events in my life. I'm still a comeback in progress, but I'm looking forward to each month that brings me closer to living pain free and chasing my grandkids this summer. I missed opening day at Target Field, but will look forward to attending some great summer evenings there.