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May 18, 2017

Kyle B.

My left anterior hip replacement has been a life enhancing experience. Dr. O'Neill completed my hip replacement in early February of 2017. The procedure gave me minimal discomfort for a couple of days after the procedure. Overall, I've had dental issues that have given me more discomfort than this hip replacement. I was back walking 2 miles per day two weeks after the procedure. After a month, I was back to walking my daily 3 to 4 miles per day and feeling great. I walked my first 18 holes of golf two months after the procedure with no discomfort. The stability of my new hip is amazing. 3 months post surgery, my new hip feels as good as my original equipment right hip. Dr. O'Neill and his staff did an excellent job of caring for me before, during and post surgery. What a great group of people. I highly recommend their services.