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December 2, 2015

Lou O.

Leah Zimmerman walked me through this whole procedure which made it so much easier.  I knew I could always reach her when contacting Dr. Owen O'Neill, or even Alyssa, was a bit more challenging. Often she could answer my 'paranoid' concerns without having to bother Dr. Owen O'Neill. This program is one of the best programs TCO initiated, and I am blessed to be a recipient. And as importantly, participating in TCO's own physical therapy program was another blessing.  As I have mentioned Karen Edmonson... well I can't say enough about her.  She is a treasure indeed.  I continue to get increased 'bend' and it is because of the exercises, 'tricks of the trade', etc. that she has taught me....all while keeping in mind a pulled muscle, arthritis in my lower back, and at one point hip tendonitis.  Fourteen years ago I was not so blessed to have TCO physical therapy, and it has made a world of difference.   (Can already bend my 'new' knee farther than I can my 14-yr. old knee.) I am doing things now I NEVER could do before my surgery.  In addition, my chiropractor is amazed at how straight I am. He has never seen my pelvis straight as long as I have been going to him, which is 5-10 years.   Of course Dr. Owen O'Neill is my hero; and Dr. Jesse, too, has been wonderful. Thanks thanks thanks to the entire TCO staff.  I am blessed indeed. Thank you!