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December 11, 2016

Marjorie S.

I am a 66 year old, very active woman. I was referred to your practice group by my chiropractor who had experienced fabulous results at the TCO Southdale clinic after breaking her leg.

Dr. Arntson seemed like a good fit and had a clinic location near me, so I came to see him about my knee pain. I had previously been seen by three MDs, one of whom specializes in sports medicine, and one who is an orthopedic surgeon. All three were quite dismissive about my pain, and all told me that "it's just arthritis, everyone gets it." When asked what I could do, none of them offered any solution other than leg exercises, which hurt so much that I couldn't do them.

Dr. Arntson gave me his undivided attention and it was clear that he took me very seriously. We discussed the different alternatives available (cortisone injections, gel injections and knee replacement) at length, and I fully understood the options. I opted to go with cortisone injections. He was very helpful in making sure that my insurance would cover the visits and the procedures, and I received the first injection in my right knee.

It seems to make an immediate difference, so I came back one week later for the injection in my left knee. His bedside manner, gentleness in prepping and injecting my knees was remarkable. I had absolutely no pain either time.

Unfortunately, the relief only lasted about 6 weeks, so I returned, and we decided to try the injections of gel. These have been very helpful, again, no pain upon injections, and increased flexibility and comfort in walking.

I know that Dr. Arntson believes that I will let him know if I need further treatment, and if so, we can assess my progress and discuss my options. I would happily recommend him and the entire staff at the clinic to anyone.