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April 23, 2015

Mary J.

I had direct anterior hip replacement done on my right hip April 23, 2015. The next morning I was walking with no aid (crutch/cane)- I couldn't believe it! I spent only one night in the hospital. Two days later, I was walking the dog. I played golf (chipping/putting) 8 days after surgery. I had my left hip replaced in 2006 by another TCO surgeon. I spent 4 nights in the hospital. Two weeks on crutches, then needed a cane. The anterior hip replacement is the only way to have a hip replaced! Minimally invasive, little pain and recovery time is little to none. Dr. O'Neill has a lot of experience in the anterior hip replacement procedure. He answered all my questions-and then some. I am recommending this surgery to all who need it. One person who saw me two weeks after surgery is already in the process of scheduling anterior hip replacement surgery with Dr. O'Neill.