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October 6, 2015

Mary N.

If someone ever would tell me I would look forward to an 8" needle (I think; I never look) going straight into my hip, I would walk straight away. More likely, limp. Having seen Dr. Hunt and getting the crusty-hip-on-the-road-to-replacement diagnosis, I was given options to delay the inevitable. And this would be those injections. I had a dislocated knee in junior high and had a really bad needle in the knee joint aspiration so when Dr. Hunt suggested this, I got the queasies. Not a very willing patient. And that is where Nick Meath comes in. Straighforward, down-to-earth, deadpan funny, beyond professional Nick the Needle. He explained his ultrasound targeting procedure and assured me he just didn't miss. And you know what? He doesn't. While I don't look forward to heading in for a top-off, I have come to trust Nick and his competence completely. Knowing that when my replacement day comes, Nick will be part of the surgical team reassures me to no end. I cannot commend this young man enough for the patience, care, and compassion he has shown me. He is just that good! Thank you, Nick.