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March 16, 2019

Michael K.

Last year, I remember summer being a challanging time for myself personally, as I started to think about the father/husband I was becoming. I was active with my family (or maybe too active) and I began to pay the paid the price with horrible knee pain. Fast forward to winter and the pain continued to get worse and worse. I decided to head into the doctor. With each visit, I would lose a little hope in returning to my playful ways with kids and activities with my family. Then I finally made my way to TCO, where Dr. Butterfield said he could help. I was excited and nervous about the surgery, but he made it seem easy. I remember waking up from surgery and instantly the pain was gone. It was unbelievable how great I felt and how my life felt on track soon. One month later, I was back to normal activities and had a large "pop" in my other knee. Again, I went back to my trusted surgeon, Dr. Butterfield, which turned out to be the best decisions I've made for my personal health. I had another surgery and so far, it was another success. This sounds overboard, but Dr. Butterfield and TCO have given me the ability to be a active, fun dad again. The smiles on my kids when we're chasing through the yard is priceless. Thanks Dr. Butterfield!