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October 27, 2021


Michelle thought her horse jumping days were over after a scary crash and serious injury. But thanks to TCO, she’s back in the saddle again: “In 2017, my horse, Skip the Champagne, and I crashed during the jump-off at a competition in Iowa. I stayed securely in the saddle as Skip fell to the ground. We both landed on my left shoulder. Skip rolled over me twice before safely getting back on his feet. Thank God, Skip was fine. X-rays revealed that I fractured my left shoulder. The following day, I met with Dr. Jason Dieterle at TCO Stillwater. Dr. Dieterle told me that I had a serious break and asked about my future goals. I told him I wanted to return to riding and jumping my horses competitively. However, my fracture was so complex that he hesitated to give me any assurances about jumping competitively again. Based on my fracture and what was left for him to work with, Dr. Dieterle told me a reverse total shoulder replacement was my best option, and the surgery was a success. Afterward, Dr. Dieterle recommended 6 months of strenuous physical therapy, and said he would decide whether I could get back on my horse when it was complete. Thankfully, Dr. Dieterle saw the great progress I made and cautiously gave me permission to ride at a walk only and warned me not to fall off again. I quickly reminded him that I didn’t fall off my horse, Skip fell, and I went down with him. He said that was just a technicality haha. One year after the accident, I returned to the same jumping competition, competing on all three of my horses, including Skip. At our annual visits, Dr. Dieterle continues to be impressed with the return of my range of motion. He shakes his head and tells me to keep doing whatever it is I’m doing. In December, I will be turning 67, and am so thankful to be healthy and back on my horses. I will forever be grateful that God placed Dr. Dieterle in my path.”   michelle dieterle