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March 23, 2017

Pam W.

In March of 2016, I suffered a downhill skiing accident, while racing out in Colorado. I had been downhill skiing for over 35 years without any major injuries. I tore my ACL and meniscus in the accident and needed surgery. Dr. Meisterling listened to my story and with great compassion reassured me that I would be able to downhill ski again. At my age, I found this surgery to be challenging and the recovery was long (I'm not so patient when it comes to healing). Dr. Meisterling's team was encouraging and reassuring. I did get back out skiing this past winter, and was able to return to racing - albeit at a lower speed. My recovery and return to skiing took a special kind of courage. That courage was initiated from the care and reassurance of the team at TCO. I feel very grateful for the skillful ACL reconstruction and great care afterwards. In March of 2017, my daughter had a very similar downhill skiing accident. Although there are other ortho clinics closer to my home that I could've chosen, there was no question in my mind who I was going to trust my daughter's surgery and recovery to. I returned to Dr. Meisterling and my daughter is recovering like a champ! I would rather have a second ACL reconstruction than to have one of my own kids go through the process; but I feel confident that she is getting the best care. I sincerely hope that I never need to bring any family members back to see Dr. Meisterling again...but if this kind of care is needed, I will return without a second thought!