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March 18, 2019

Patty B.

Hi Jay, I hope you and your family are doing well. I wanted to take a minute to once again tell you that because of all your efforts and dedication to helping me walk and have my independence back, I am now back in the workforce! I've known for some time that I wanted to work part time in a position where I could interact with people and have some outside connection to the world. This week, that dream came true. The position is ideal for me, working only 10 hours a week, early morning hours. Both Bill and I didn't know if my leg would present and issues about hiring and qualifications to do the position. It did not, much to my surprise. Jay, without your help, expertise and encouragement, I would have never reached this level of independence. It is people like yourself and Kyle that I want to thank for continuing to live my life according to my needs. This past winter, I helped Bill with shoveling and even ran the small snow blower. It is not certain on those early days in therapy if I even knew that would be possible. Bill/I sold our home of 35 years that we built and moved a year ago March to another home only a few miles away. The home we lived in previously was a 2 story and I had a huge landscaped flower garden that was difficult to keep up after losing my leg. Our new home is only 7 years old, with bedrooms, etc. on one level and in an equally great neighborhood as we lived previously. When looking for a new home, we had a list of priorities, namely a flat driveway, few stairs, etc. It has been one year of completing small and major projects in the house and was time that I was ready to look for outside work. I just want you to know that there are many days, when I reflect back the help your provided to me in therapy and will always be grateful. I hope that your patients know how fortunate they are to be connected with you. Spring is coming ...finally and hope that you and your family will enjoy it! Looking forward to seeing you when I visit Kyle. Thanks Jay, Patty