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October 9, 2019

Paul L.

Speaking for the surgery itself, I am already amazed after only 5 weeks, how much of the pain I was having in my knee before the surgery that is now basically gone. There is mild pain from the surgical process itself but I can tell that within months I will be able to do activities that I was severely restricted in doing before the surgery. This renewed ability will allow me to continue work in my outdoor adventure ministry that would have been restricted otherwise! I can, with confidence, say that this is a life-changing procedure that I have had done. I would also like to add that the whole process from diagnosis to follow-up has been extraordinary. The care that I have received has been far above my expectations. Dr. Meyer's diagnosis, recommendations and, of course, his surgical skill have been excellent! Then, the care and follow-up by Sommer, the care by staff at the hospital and Aurora (Rachel!) and Alyssa at PCO, Burnsville for PT was absolutely amazing. Excellent experience!