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October 16, 2019

Paula W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Crowe for 24 years with history of degenerative disc disease. Over the years, Dr. Crowe has performed 3 laminectomies and even helped out with a nagging bunion. To his surprise, following each procedure, I returned back to my cubical at my employer sooner and sooner; far less time than anticipated for recovery. Over the years I would have discomfort in my lower back. I would have good and not so good pain level days. My go to was not narcotics, they just mask the pain. I learned to manage my discomfort by eating healthy nutrient foods, rich greens, proteins, staying active, using breathing relaxation and Tylenol when needed. Over the past year I noticed a burning pain in my right leg when walking a short distance. Then 6 months ago the pain radiated to my left leg. Based on prior visits and conversations with Dr. Crowe, we often discussed fusion to help relieve my lower back discomfort. The appointment that changed it all! I was mentally prepared for spinal fusion, however, the x-ray revealed that I had arthritis in both hips; right far worse than left. Next step - hip replacement surgery. Wait! My mind wasn’t ready to hear hip replacement surgery. Best decision! Surgery completed on 9/12/2019. Saturday 9/14 I was walking 570 feet with a cane. Monday 9/16 I was walking 570 feet 2-3 times daily and only carrying my cane as a just in case. 9/18 no cane needed. With the ability to work from home during my recovery I started back to work full time 5 days after my surgery. By my 2 week follow-up I was climbing stairs with support of both legs. No, I’m not walking my prior pace just yet but will be very soon. Shout Outs! Dr. Crowe - couldn’t ask for a better surgeon. My daily pain level went from a 6-7 to 1-3, and will decrease more over time. North Memorial Ambulatory Surgery Center - fantastic staff and team of nurses. Couldn’t ask for a better experience. EXCEL program - highly recommend. Far better than a hospital setting for overnight stay. Thank you Dr. Crowe, TCO, NMASC, EXCEL program and staff who assisted with my surgery and after care. - Paula W.