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June 3, 2013

Roy N.

I have been a teacher and boy's high school hockey coach for almost 50 years. I am 70 years old and still coaching in Albert Lea. This past year my right hip was becoming so painful that I did all my coaching from the bench and didn't skate at all. I went to Florida for stem cell therapy in hope that would rectify my condition. Part of the therapy included having a PRP treatment 6-8 weeks after the initial stem cell transplant. Dr. O'Neill offered this treatment. We met and I had an x-ray and then a conference. He explained that it was bone-on-bone and there was no evidence of improvement. He did give me the treatment and I came back in 6 weeks. No improvement. I then had a cortisone shot and it had no effect. I knew I was at the end of the line and so I asked Dr. O'Neill if he would do an anterior total hip replacement. We went over the procedure and on June 3rd I had the operation at St. Francis Hospital in Shakopee, MN. Wow! What a pain-free experience. I had no pain from day one, and didn't take one pain pill after being released from the hospital. I walked without any assistance. I didn't need a walker, crutches, or a cane! The staff at St. Francis was terrific! In fact, the x-ray tech was one of my former hockey players and the anesthetist was a former student of mine. Everyone was very professional, but very friendly and extremely caring. I left the hospital the day after my surgery. Since the surgery I have been back for a 2 week and a 6 week checkup at which time I met with Dr. O'Neill and his assistant, Jessie. I have made steady progress throughout my recovery period. Five weeks after my surgery I skated for the first time and it felt great to be back on the ice again. I am looking forward to the coming hockey season. I couldn't have had a better team of professionals, but moreover, great people with such an interest in my well-being and recovery. Their great personalities actually made this an enjoyable experience. My wife and I are also very grateful to Rebecca who in the pre and post-operative periods answered all of our calls and was so very pleasant and helpful. I definitely would suggest this treatment to others. The people in Albert Lea have been amazed at my progress. I have recommended and given Dr. O'Neill's name to many interested and prospective hip surgery candidates. I can only say "Thank You!" to Dr. O'Neill and his staff for their great work and for taking such good care of me!