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March 6, 2019

Sara B.

Having on and off left hand/wrist pain for a while, I just brushed it off to my occasional aches and pains I get from having Lupus (an autoimmune disorder). It had gotten so bad, I had sucked it up and went to TCO Urgent Care. They were amazing at helping. They did xrays and sent me to physical therapy but, like everything else in my life, they found nothing. A good month passed, the pain got worse and then got better. But one day it was so bad I was in tears. I messaged Jenna, his care coordinator, to see when I could get into see Dr. Bakker next, she got me in right away. He assessed me and relooked at my images but knew something was not right. Had an MRI a few days later and then received a call from Dr. Bakker himself. I ended up seeing him for follow up appointment, where he informed me that I, in fact, had some rare issue with my scaphoid bone and the loss or the stop of blood flow, possibly due to Lupus. we went over all possible issues and outcomes. I tried to get him to amputate (jokingly) because I was in so much pain. He assured me that we could do something but was very doubtful it would work. He scheduled surgery at the new Edina Orthopedic Surgery Center and the team was wonderful. Dr. Bakker had informed me and my family that he was unsure that the bone graph would take because of how hard (dead) the bone was. But he had hope! I am 3 months post-op and have little to no pain and blood flow back to the bone. Jenna had to put up with many questions and tears from me, yet she always was so kind and helpful. And Dr. Bakker, well he is pretty amazing. Even though he wouldn't amputate (haha), he put up with me and my weird issue and gave me hope. I could not thank them enough!