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August 17, 2015

Teri B.

From the beginning I knew I was in good hands with Dr. Teynor and the Excel surgery and recovery team. Dr. Teynor gave me confidence by even including me in the Excel program. I was prepared in Justina’s class for anything that I might encounter, and throughout the process, she and her “manual” provided me with every answer. Dr. Teynor’s surgery was stellar, very successful (even on the very work state of my knee plagued by a 40+ year old injury). The staff at York Gardens held me up through the difficult days following surgery, with timely and very professional care, service, and advice. The Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy staff challenged me appropriately and Justina gave me calm and hope. My experience with TCO Physical Therapy was outstanding. My needs were read clearly by Angie and Jen – they kept me accountable, even when I didn’t feel “accelerated”, with patience, humor, and direct communication. I was vulnerable and they knew how to encourage and promote my growth through my resistance. Dr. Troy was ever encouraging and gave clear analysis and helpful advice during my aftercare appointments. Because of this phenomenal staff, I knew what was expected and I was inspired to keep striving, even though some of the recovery was difficult. I am grateful to Dr. Teynor, Dr. Troy, Justina, Angie, Jen, the nurses on staff at York Gardens, the Physical Therapy on staff at York – to everyone. Excel is an incredible program and I would highly recommend it to anyone, without reservation. Thank you for believing in me, helping me heal and recover and bringing me to this wonderful state of stability.