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March 12, 2019

Tom S.

I had an ACL reconstruction in 2008 and both hips replaced in 2015 by the age of 40. I have always been a very active person and my arthritic hips were preventing me from doing the things I loved - even having my niece sit on my lap caused me unbearable pain. I have regained strength and stamina. I am able to play sand volleyball with friends, walk and bike to my heart's content, and chase my nieces around. I was also able to return to my job as a PE teacher and move around with students. I have been able to return to intense workouts at the gym and have been doing a lot of leg strengthening exercises (squats, box jumps, stair master, jacob's latter, etc). I've attached a video of me from a couple weeks ago doing a 36" box jump with relative ease. I haven't been able to jump like this since high school. I'm now a 43 year old man with a new ACL and two replaced hips, jumping three feet off the ground. I'm able to be active and enjoy life again thanks to Dr. Holmberg and TCO.