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March 4, 2019

Trina G.

I have always been a competitor. I love the thrill of a race and physical fitness has now been even more important to me as I am a mom. In 2017, I was diagnosed with a hip labral tear with a FAI. It was slowing me down so I sought the help of Dr. Christopher Larson at TCO. In October 2017 I had the surgery. The procedure went well and I knew it was going to be a slow recovery but I worked hard at physical therapy and counted down the days until I could get back to running and yoga. However, life threw me a curve ball. Fast forward 4 weeks later, something started to feel “off.” My TCO team was not concerned right away, as I had been following post-op instructions to the letter. However, after a few days concerns started to grow. After an MRI, I found out somehow (still a head scratcher) I had broken my femoral head clean off my femur. I am still Dr. Larson’s medical mystery. I was rushed the next day to emergency surgery and I was crushed with the news that I would not even be able to touch my toe to the ground for 6 weeks, plus many months of physical therapy. As a mom, I was crushed - how was I going to do this? I could not drown in my sorrows so I committed hard. I took zero narcotics post surgery - I need to be able to have a clear head and drive. I went to physical therapy twice a week for 4 months - I needed to be stronger after my surgery than before. I worked hard at home even when I was tired. My daughter and husband were my rocks. Ella, who is 6, even lent me her balance beam to do my exercises on - it was a family affair. Six months to the date of my surgery, I completed a 5K pain free and beat my pre-surgery record time. I cried for the first time. I can’t even describe that moment. I still have hard days and some days I can still feel everything, mentally and physically. In the end, this journey made me so much stronger and I am on my way to completing a half-marathon this summer. Thank you, Dr. Larson, for the amazing care. Thank you TCO for getting me back to being a mom and helping show my daughter that obstacles are worth overcoming.