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Orthopedic Surgery, Board Certified Sports Medicine Fellowship Sports Medicine Subspecialty Certification

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Practice Overview

Dr. Christopher Larson is a nationally and internationally renowned fellowship-trained orthopedic sports medicine surgeon who specializes in cutting edge techniques for ACL reconstruction, Meniscal Repair, Hip Arthroscopy, FAI surgery and Hip Labral Repair, Proximal Hamstring Repair, Hip Abductor Tendon Repair, and Exertional Compartment Syndrome in Athletes. Certified by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, he has pioneered various sports medicine surgical techniques and is committed to research having published and authored numerous textbooks and over 100 articles in peer reviewed journals. Dr. Larson is a frequent invited lecturer having presented research and surgical techniques in countries such as Switzerland, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Turkey, Denmark, and France.

Dr. Larson has extensive experience with high school, collegiate, and professional athletes and provides coverage for a number of sports teams. He is currently the Head Team Physician for the Minnesota Vikings (NFL) and Former team physician for the Minnesota Wild (NHL). In addition, Dr Larson regularly sees other professional athletes from various Major League Baseball, NBA, NHL, NFL, and professional Soccer teams.

Dr. Larson has been consistently voted a Top Doctor by Mpls. St. Paul Magazine (11 times), and Minnesota Monthly, and has been recognized as a Top Orthopedic Surgeon by U.S. News & World Report.

Dr. Larson served from 2010-2018 as the program director for the ACGME accredited Minnesota Orthopedic Sports Medicine Institute (MOSMI)/Fairview Orthopedic Sports Medicine Fellowship Program.  Dr. Larson practices at TCO clinic in Edina and Eagan, Minnesota. He is a Master Instructor for the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA) and is academically involved with a number of research groups and societies including ANCHOR study group and member of the prestigious Hip Society which only has around 100 members in North America.

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For appointments, please call: 952-456-7058

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Clinical Interest

Hip care

Knee care

Sports medicine


Board Certified, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
Subspecialty Certification in Sports Medicine

Fellowship in Sports Medicine at the Minneapolis Sports Medicine Center

University of North Carolina

Medical Degree
University of Minnesota Medical School

Hospital & Surgery Center Affiliations

Crosstown Surgery Center
Eagan Orthopedic Surgery Center
Fairview Southdale Hospital

Professional Affiliations

Adjunct Assistant Professor, U of M Department of Orthopaedic Surgery (2007)
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
American College of Sports Medicine
American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
Arthroscopy Association of North America
Co-Chief Orthopedics, University of Minnesota Medical Center (2005 – 2007)
Consultant Reviewer, Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (2004 – Present)
Consultant Reviewer, Arthroscopy (2006 – Present)
Consultant Reviewer, Clinical Orthopedics & Related Research (2005 – Present)
Director of Education, Minnesota Sports Medicine Foundation (2004 – Present)
Director of Education, MOSMI/Fairview, Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellowship Program (2005 – Present)
Editorial Board, Arthroscopy
International Society for Hip Arthroscopy
Program Director, Fairview/MOSMI Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellowship (2010 – Present)

Achievements & Awards

Voted Top Doctor in Minnesota Monthly (2016, 2023)
Minnesota Monthly Top Doctor for Women (2010)
The Resident Research Award, University of North Carolina (orthopedics and musculoskeletal courses) Alpha Omega Alpha, University of Minnesota Medical School
Top Doctor: Voted a top orthopedic surgeon by his peers in Mpls.St.Paul Magazine (2007 – 2010, 2012 – 2023)
Voted a top doctor in orthopedic surgery in Minnesota by US News and World Report (2012)
William C. Patton Resident Teaching Award, University of North Carolina

Sports Affiliations

Head Team Physician: Minnesota Vikings (2015 – Present)
Event Coverage: World Championship Wrestling (1999 – 2000)
Fellowship: Minnesota Timberwolves (2001 – 2002)
Team Coverage: Men’s USA Soccer (2004 – 2005)
Team Coverage: University of North Carolina, Tar Heel Football and Soccer (1999 – 2000)
Team Physician: Augsburg College (2002 – 2015)
Team Physician: Edina High School (2003 – Present)
Team Physician: Minnesota Vikings (2007 – 2011)
Team Physician: Minnesota Wild (2012 – 2015)


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Kevin Reichart, PA-C
Certified Physician Assistant

Brittany L.
Care Coordinator

Michelle I.
Care Coordinator

Patient Testimonials

July 27, 2021

Omar M.

After a successful operation, I’d like to thank Training HAUS and Braidy Solie, as they will be helping me during my recovery/rehab process in the States. I appreciate Dr. Larson and TCO for looking out after me. I can’t wait to rejoin my team, Menemenspor Soccer Club, once I’ve been given the go-ahead from my doc!


April 2, 2019

Amy G.

When I was 7, I was diagnosed with a rare childhood hip disease- Legg Calve Perthes Disease. Basically, the ball of the femur loses its blood supply for unknown reasons and the bone grows back flattened and does not fit into the hip socket correctly. As a child, I spent a year and a half wearing a leg brace to try and keep the ball of my hip round. This never really caused a tremendous amount of pain until much later in life. By age 29, the pain had really settled in. I had seen 4 orthopedic surgeons in Iowa before finally meeting Dr. Larson at TCO. He performed arthroscopic surgery on my hip in 2015 and suggested a physical therapist to help regain strength. It has been 4 years since my surgery, yet, I gladly drive the 8 hour round trip to visit TCO 3-5 times a year just to check in with Margi and Dr. Larson’s team. They know exactly how to offer support and keep my hip moving. While my hip will never be perfect, I cannot emphasize enough how much of an improved lifestyle I have as a result of their efforts. I no longer live in constant pain. I am forever grateful to Margi and Dr. Larson.

April 1, 2019

LaurieJo M.

In 2015, I had a severe knee injury in a football game. I had been playing semi-pro woman’s football for about 4 years. My initial surgery was done at another Ortopedic practice. The second injury occurred 18 months later (also in a football game), after I was told my knee was stronger than it had been pre-injury, and I returned to the same practice. My knee did not heal correctly and therefore I had a 3rd surgery (all on the same knee, all by the same practice). I went in for my 1 year check up after surgery #3 and was told I would need a 4th surgery because it still wasn’t right. I was advised by Kim Kotila to get an opinion from Dr. Larson, which he was kind enough to do in a very prompt manor. He also advised surgery, but I immediately felt much more confident in his methods and therefore scheduled with him. I had surgery #4 at TCO on Aug 22nd. I am thrilled to say that 8 months post surgery I can stand with no pain, I can run and jump with full motion/mobility and, although I will never play football professionally again, I am playing volleyball and participating in everything I enjoy –  pain free with no restriction. THANK YOU Dr. Larson and the whole TCO staff! You are life changing!

March 11, 2019

Elsa P.

I’m a 17 year old alpine ski racer. I live for the speed and adrenaline rush of the sport. I’m always looking for ways to push myself on and off the slopes. As many ski racers know, with the speed comes great risk and possibility of injury. Skiing is all I have ever known and ever since my very first race practice I have never wanted to get off the slopes. I’ve never been afraid of the speed; in fact, I seek it out.

I’ve never had any injuries that really scared me. Growing up, it seemed like injuries happened. They’d heal and you would move on and forget about them soon after. Injuries didn’t phase me. Like when I broke my wrist, it was as simple as getting a waterproof cast so I could continue competing in triathlons.

I started to really ramp up my skiing at the end of the 2016-17 season and gained a considerable amount of momentum with my results. I received multiple scholarships that gave me opportunities to pursue my goals and take my skiing to the next level. I was racing Super G and Downhill at the Rocky Central Junior Championships in Vail where I was skiing 70 mph and over jumps, eventually finding out I was skiing with a broken wrist. I was at a point in my ski career where everything had been going right. I had tremendous opportunities and a lot of support which was a necessity to stay in this expensive sport.

In the fall of 2017, I attended a training camp at Vail Mountain on a scholarship. Toward the end of the camp, I fell training GS and broke my thumb and sustained a concussion. When I got back to Minnesota, I found out that I was going to need surgery to fix my thumb, which was done by Dr. McCarthy. It was my first surgery and the first injury that really phased me. I was forced to take a month off of skiing, which for me was a very difficult thought to come to terms with.

A month later, despite still having pins sticking out of my hand and the bulkiest cast I’ve ever seen, I was back on the slopes. I had to take it super easy but still enjoyed every second of it. My second day back skiing was the day after Christmas. It was at an alumni race for my high school ski team. I decided to forerun the course. The first run felt amazing, I couldn’t have been happier to be back skiing. I felt invincible as I stood in the starting gate, with no fear. I thought, if a broken thumb couldn’t stop me nothing would,’ and pushed out of the start gate another time. The next thing I knew I had crashed and was sliding down the hill on my side and tried to stand up as I was still sliding. My knee popped as I tried to come to a stop and my stomach instantly dropped. I got up but fell again as my knee must have given out. The second I started to fall I bounced back up and skied the rest of the way down on one ski. I smiled at the parents and coaches in the finish and pushed myself over to the chalet as if nothing happened.

It was a struggle getting out of my skis but I managed to get a friend, who wasn’t aware of what happened, to help me out. I used my poles to hobble to the comp center but fell to the ground when my knee gave out again. I hopped up the stairs on one leg and sat down. I was terrified. My friend began to suspect something was wrong – but I froze and refused to admit I had hurt my knee. I sat for what felt like hours bending my knee and convincing myself I was overreacting – and thinking the pop I heard I must have made up in my head. I decided I was perfectly fine to go back out to ski. I stood up and took about a step and a half before my knee gave out and I fell to the floor. I tried standing a couple more times that night and every time my knee would give out with even the very slightest pressure.

It was difficult calling my parents and admitting that I was hurt. I remember walking in my front door late that night and seeing my mom’s face which made everything start to sink in. The next morning I was being wheeled into TCO. It eased my mind talking to doctors and was headed off for an MRI then home on crutches. A day or two later I heard my mom’s phone ring. I was upstairs and could only make out a little bit of the conversation. After trying to figure out what my mom and the doctor were talking about my dad came to the bottom of the stairs and told me that I had a complete tear of my ACL. I was in total disbelief. The impact this would have on the next year of my life did not set in right away. After talking on the phone with the doctors I realized this was not an injury where I could just sit back and wait until it was healed. I could no longer focus my energy on skiing and had to try my best to redirect it all to physical therapy. I began setting rehab goals where I typically wrote my skiing goals.

The transition from being very active and not letting injuries stop me was taken out of my control. This injury had a lot of power over me which was tough to come to terms with. I felt really lost right after the injury and unsure of what the future would hold. This is where my TCO champion comes in, Brandon Schomberg; my physical therapist. He was very reassuring right from the start. It was very clear to me he knew exactly what to do and I could trust him and would not be alone on the journey. Brandon guided me to take back control over this injury and regain the power to decide the outcome. On January 12th, 2018 I had surgery, done by Dr. Christopher Larson. By then I was just happy to get started on my recovery and get back to what I love. From the second I woke up, I was anxious to start rehab and start my journey getting back in the start gate.

I quickly realized how difficult the next year would be, and whether or not I wanted to admit how injured I was. Brandon broke everything down into manageable steps and celebrated every little accomplishment along the way. His positive attitude and reassurance motivated me in a way no one else could have done. Soon, I began gaining momentum with rehab and enjoyed going and continuing setting goals. Brandon made the whole recovery fun and interesting and taught me a lot. I learned a lot about myself throughout the process and that I was capable of so much more than I had thought. Physical therapy became a place of discovery, not just where I did my exercises. Brandon encouraged me to be my best in every aspect of my life, from school to sports, to in the community. He also made sure I was having fun especially through the difficult times throughout my recovery. I came to know the Eden Prairie location very well, I felt welcomed at every appointment. I went into my first appointment for my knee expecting it to be a long and lonely process to get back skiing. I never expected to be embraced by so many people who were so invested in my recovery and wellness – they all felt like family.

After 10 months of lots of hard work and dreaming of skiing, I was finally able to get back to what I love. It was nerve-racking knowing the day I had been waiting for had finally come. I was scared to know what it would feel like being back on snow, especially considering it may never feel the same as it did before the injury. I had total confidence in my knee being strong but there was still so much unknown. Having a team of specialists surrounding me, who told me I was ready, allowed me to have confidence in myself in an area where I didn’t know what to expect. The ACE program and testing at the Training HAUS were critical to tracking my progress and determining when I was ready to return to skiing. I was always guided through the challenging and scary parts of my recovery by people I fully trusted, so I knew if they said I was ready, I was ready. Their confidence gave me confidence and empowered me to believe in myself. By the time I was on the chairlift, I had no worries, just excitement. By my second run, I felt like I was just where I left off the previous year and stronger than ever. Everything came back so naturally, it was the most rewarding feeling ever. Every time I got to go skiing after that felt like a gift I was incredibly grateful for. Even when I wasn’t able to get back in the race course I was overjoyed.

Every aspect of getting back to skiing went better than I could have ever imagined. My knee felt strong and as if nothing ever happened. My confidence freeskiing carried into the race course as well. Just 4 days shy of the one year anniversary of my surgery I got back into the starting gate for my first race back. Not only did I have full confidence in my knee but I won the race, exceeding my highest expectations. Every week on snow I accomplished things I had no idea if I’d ever get back to. The season just kept getting better. Throughout my whole recovery, there were two races I had my eyes on – sections and state. Not only was I looking forward to being there myself, but I was looking forward to being there with my team. One of the most challenging parts of the year off was not being on the hill with my team. Sections and State served as a time to celebrate and look back on my season with my teammate and enjoy how far I had come. I came in 2nd place and our team won the Section title, qualifying for State. At State, I came in 11th place and my team came in 3rd. It was the most amazing feeling to stand in the start gate at State without even thinking about my knee. It was so rewarding to have a result at State that represented all the work I had put into the past year and all the support from Dr. Larson, Brandon and the whole TCO team that made it possible.

March 10, 2019

Roisen G.

In 2015, my sophomore year of college, I was the starting goalkeeper for the Gustavus women’s soccer program when I took a knee to my hip in the beginning of the second half. I had sustained a hip pointer injury, but continued to play the following 35 minutes and overtime, in addition another 35 minutes of double overtime. After that, I played another full game and double overtime to end the season.

I took 2 weeks off from working out and felt able to workout again, however I battled hip pain off and on for another 8 months before seeing another doctor. After getting an MRI, it was confirmed that I had a left femoral acetabular impingement and a complex labral tear. I was referred to Dr. Larson, who assured me that all of my symptoms; pain in my joint, clicking, pinching, clenching and a shooting pain from my hips, down my leg, and up my abdomen was normal for the injury. We talked about alternative treatments but had decided surgery was my only option.

In August of 2016, I went into the OR and had a FAI decompression and labral repair and debreidment. In the same month I began physical therapy. I sat out my junior year of soccer at Gustavus but supported my teammates as they won the conference and went to the national tournament. I got strong enough and was cleared to return to play my senior year, but my heart was no longer in it and, although I completed the season, I did not have joy for the sport and I still had fear of taking a hard hit. I did not feel I had a proper comeback and I did not feel I overcame my surgery. I decided after graduation, passing my Nursing boards, and training in at the Mayo Clinic, that running a marathon would be my comeback. And that’s when I began training.

I had my 3 year check in with Dr. Larson at the new Vikings clinic just months before I was scheduled for my race. He assured me that my scans and physical assessment looked great and that running is a better choice for me. We talked about how the side to side motion and constant position changes was not good for my hip, and that a continuous forward motion like running would be better for my hip and my lifestyle.

I then ran the San Francisco half marathon in under 2 hours, continued my training, and ran the Twin Cities Marathon in 4 hours and 15 minutes without any hip pain. I plan on running many more marathons and half marathons in my future. I am signed up for a half marathon this August on the 4 year anniversary of my surgery. Celebrating 4 years without hip pain thanks to Dr. Larson, his amazing team, and his perfected recovery/rehab program.

March 4, 2019

Trina G.

I have always been a competitor. I love the thrill of a race and physical fitness has now been even more important to me as I am a mom. In 2017, I was diagnosed with a hip labral tear with a FAI. It was slowing me down so I sought the help of Dr. Christopher Larson at TCO. In October 2017 I had the surgery. The procedure went well and I knew it was going to be a slow recovery but I worked hard at physical therapy and counted down the days until I could get back to running and yoga.

However, life threw me a curve ball. Fast forward 4 weeks later, something started to feel “off.” My TCO team was not concerned right away, as I had been following post-op instructions to the letter. However, after a few days concerns started to grow. After an MRI, I found out somehow (still a head scratcher) I had broken my femoral head clean off my femur. I am still Dr. Larson’s medical mystery. I was rushed the next day to emergency surgery and I was crushed with the news that I would not even be able to touch my toe to the ground for 6 weeks, plus many months of physical therapy. As a mom, I was crushed – how was I going to do this? I could not drown in my sorrows so I committed hard. I took zero narcotics post surgery – I need to be able to have a clear head and drive. I went to physical therapy twice a week for 4 months – I needed to be stronger after my surgery than before. I worked hard at home even when I was tired. My daughter and husband were my rocks. Ella, who is 6, even lent me her balance beam to do my exercises on – it was a family affair. Six months to the date of my surgery, I completed a 5K pain free and beat my pre-surgery record time. I cried for the first time. I can’t even describe that moment. I still have hard days and some days I can still feel everything, mentally and physically. In the end, this journey made me so much stronger and I am on my way to completing a half-marathon this summer. Thank you, Dr. Larson, for the amazing care. Thank you TCO for getting me back to being a mom and helping show my daughter that obstacles are worth overcoming.

August 14, 2018

Will M.

My name is Will M. and I am writing to congratulate and thank the team at MOSMI for making my hip arthroscopy such a pleasant and safe experience.  I travelled from out of state to visit Dr. Larson and his team and was consistently surprised at the level of competence, professionalism and care that each member of the team displayed.  From billing and assistants to front office staff and medical staff I have no higher recommendation.


Will M.

November 28, 2017

Betsy C.

Dear Mr. Simonson,

I have been coming to Twin Cities Orthopedics since it opened. There are certain Doctors and Surgeons that stand out with their personality and professionalism. Dr. Christopher Larson, MD is one of Twin Cities Orthopedics Outstanding Physicians!

I have been seeing Dr. Larson over the past 3 years with a Large Labral Tear in my right hip. Dr. Larson is personable, kind, courteous and a smile that is always calming and caring!

Dr. Larson always goes the “extra mile” with his knowledge, concern and explaining what the injury is and how to maintain it.

Dr. Larson is a “great asset” to the Twin Cities Orthopedic Team! Please pass these comments on to Dr. Larson and thank you!


Betsy C.

July 21, 2017

Jeannie E.

Hi Dr Larson,

In Feb 2015 you reattached my torn hamstring.  Prior to my surgery, my fastest marathon time was a 4:20.  This past December, I ran my first marathon post surgery.  I came close to my PR, but not quite — I ran a 4:22 at the California International Marathon in Sacramento.  Yesterday, I ran my second marathon post surgery … I ran a 4:05:13 in Fargo, a 15 minute PR!  Next goal:  a 3:57 in the fall (that’ll get me into Boston!)

As you warned me before surgery, it’s been a long hard road back, but thanks to you and a few amazing Physical Therapists (Claudia Hornibrook at IAM – post surgery, and Lily Lind and Sara Conrad at  your Eden Prairie location more recently) — I am now even faster and stronger than I was pre-surgery.

I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing work in fixing my hamstring!

March 9, 2017

Jeff M.

I can’t say enough good things about the care that I received from Dr. Chris Larson, his physician assistant Kevin R. and support staff. Dr. Larson has operated on both of my hips for femoral acetabular impingement. The condition of both of my hips was debilitating. I no longer live in constant pain and I am able to do all athletic and recreational activities that I love. Thank you Dr. Larson for your clinical and research commitment to FAI!

February 23, 2016

Angie K.

My introduction to Dr. Larson is rather unique as I’m not a runner nor do I compete in major athletic events. However, one of my hobbies is running agility with my Great Dane, Tess.

After two years of training, we were finally ready for our first competitive Agility Trial.   It was November 2014, the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Honestly, it was the perfect set up – our home course with my instructor at my side and our breeder videotaping my first run. After walking the course and waiting our turn, it was finally time. Wait, wait, wait for the buzzer.  Bzzzz…and we were off… Tess was over the first jump, and heading for the dog walk when she realized I wasn’t running next to her. I had tripped right out of the start gate. How embarrassing, I thought, as a hundred people were watching. I got myself up, and hobbled along the dog walk then realized something was really wrong. I had to be carried off the course and I almost passed out from the pain.

Three weeks later, I found myself sitting in Dr. Larson’s office as he explained that my hamstring had torn off the bone and surgery was inevitable. I was pretty determined that I could live without the surgery, but Dr. Larson helped me realize that there was no realistic reason not to have the surgery. My fears dissipated as he explained that even with my immobilizer, I could be driving within weeks, hobbling around on crutches for about a month and starting physical therapy within six weeks. Dr. Larson had to squeeze me into his surgery schedule at the last minute, as the time sensitivity of hamstring repair is so imperative.  That was Dec 16, 2014.

I graduated from physical therapy in Jan. 2016, thanks to Ashley at Viverant who built my confidence as well as my hamstring muscle. In February, 2016, fourteen months post-­?surgery, I ran in my first competitive Agility Trial! I was so nervous, but I didn’t fall! There was a huge standing ovation when we finished!

I shed tears of joy and gratitude and I am “back to normal!”

Thank you, Dr. Larson.

December 2, 2015

B. S.

Dr. Larson and his care team are excellent! From the first visit, through surgery to now 6 plus months post-op. Dr. Larson and his team were fabulous in the care they gave me. Being an active individual, who also works as a nurse, I am on my feet all day, all the time, but thanks to Dr. Larson my days are now pain free! The work Dr. Larson and his team have done is truly remarkable and I would choose Dr. Larson again in a heartbeat!

July 20, 2015

Kelli B.

I had surgery on January 30th.  Yesterday, I competed in my first triathlon in four years and my first race in over 18 months.  I came in 4th place for my age group.  I’m still slow (for me) on the run but my fitness is coming back quickly.  The best part?  I had no hip pain and no hamstring pain.

The day after the race, I felt regular soreness but did not experience any pain.  It was amazing!  I lived with hip pain for so long it had become “normal.” I cried when I crossed the finish line. I love competing and I’m thrilled to be feeling great.  Please give Dr. Larson a big thank you for everything he did for me.  He has helped me return to the hobby that I love.   Next year I’m going for 1st in my age group!  Ha!  🙂

July 14, 2015

Natalee W.

One day when I was out for a training run back in 2012, I felt a sudden deep pain in my hip joint. I went to a chiropractor who diagnosed me with a hip flexor strain and sent me on my way. After many months, my hip never felt better and I was unable to run, walk, sit, and basically do anything without pain.  It became chronic and I had to cease all triathlon training except swimming, during which I still experienced mild pain. I thought I could never run again.

After one year of no answers and another flare-up, I went to TCO’s Orthopedic Urgent Care Clinic and was lucky to see one of Dr. Larson’s partners who quickly diagnosed my labral tears and FAI.  After my initial appointment with Dr. Larson, I knew surgery was my only option to get back to racing triathlons again. My left hip was done in November 2013 and right hip done August 2014. My PT Emily Beyer, a gifted soul and skilled therapist made a tremendous impact on me and my recovery.

 In June 2015 I finally was able to compete in my first race since the onset of my injuries, and finished 19th out of 96 women and 1st place in my age group! And NO HIP PAIN!  Today I am running and biking just as fast as I was before my injuries, having just started training a few months ago.

I am filled with the utmost gratitude for Dr. Larson and all his staff, and will forever be grateful. What Dr. Larson does really changes lives, and now I can continue chasing my dream of being a competitive triathlete. Thank you!!!!

Larson - Natalee W. .  

June 11, 2015

Katie T.

Dr. Larson is the absolute best! 7 weeks post op from hip arthroscopy. I haven’t sat like this in about two years! So unbelievably grateful!
katie testimonial

March 19, 2015


Dear Dr. Christopher Larson,

I would like to thank you and your staff for all the help you gave me with me hip.  Two other orthopedics suggested a hip replacement.  But at the age of 38 (at that time) the doctors didn’t want to perform a replacement on me.  You were able to repair the damage without  replacement.  Hip surgery was March 2014.

For almost 2 years, I had a hard time making it through a 50 hour work week.  I had to avoid some of my activities (hiking, rock climbing, & boating).  Riding in a vehicle was difficult, also.  But after my hip surgery and physical therapy, I am almost 100%!!!  I am very excited to say, I am back to hiking and rock climbing.

My husband and I are currently vacationing in Arizona.  Here is a picture of me (circled in green) climbing the Bell Rock in Sedona AZ, 1 year after surgery. I was able to make it half way up this rock (I didn’t want to push it too hard). With a couple more months of training, I will be able to climb the entire rock.

Thanks isn’t enough for what you and your staff have done for me!!!


January 15, 2015

Steve D.


The services I received from Dr. Larson and his staff were superb. I have never been treated as well as I was there. From his staff at Twin Cities Orthopedics over to Crosstown Surgery Center; are all very considerate and made this whole ordeal as good as it could be. I’m continuing PT at one month post-op currently. Look forward to gaining my physical health back and living pain free again.

May 8, 2013


Hi Dr. Larson and care team, and Emily Beyers!

I have been thanking you all every day since the surgery was performed, but these past weeks I felt the need to reach out and send you some photos of some of my most recent activities out here in Oregon to share my joy and my awe at being here. Just today I hiked 6 miles and 1400 ft elevation on one of the local mountain trails. I am going to the Desolation Wilderness in Calif in Mid July and am “training” to climb Mt McLaughlin with new friends in August- its about 9600 ft. The photos enclosed show my first few hikes here in Oregon, which I took in the first week of June- they seem pretty easy now!

I can’t thank-you all enough, but I’m trying… every hike I carry you all with me. I’m working on the internal and external rotation, plus basic core strengthening and continued pelvic stability exercises. My PT says I’m doing great- my new goal was to hike 10 miles, and I’m already at 7, so I changed the goal to hiking Mt McLaughlin.Ha ha!

I hope you are all well and getting some great summer time in, and if you EVER wondered about your vocation, please take a look at these photos and accept the gratitude and joy I send you.

March 13, 2013

Julie A.

Julie A. has taught horseback riding and trained horses for a living for over 25 years in Saline, Michigan. After she began to experience hip pain, she was diagnosed with Femoralacetabular Impingement (FAI). Following an unsuccessful arthroscopic surgery with a local surgeon, she learned that Dr. Christopher Larson of Twin Cities Orthopedics specializes in treating FAI.Julie traveled from Michigan to Minnesota through a winter snowstorm to have surgery with Dr. Larson and couldn’t be happier with the results. “From the pre-operative nursing staff and OR team at Fairview Southdale Hospital to Dr. Larson’s staff, I can only give praise for the wonderful care I received before, during and after surgery,” said Julie. Two years after her second surgery, Julie is pleased to report that she has been able to continue her career “with minimal pain and a greater range of motion.”

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