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April 9, 2016

Bev C.

Out of fear of surgery and it not going well I put off a total hip replacement (due to arthritis) for at least five years; enduring extreme pain and giving up all the activities I loved to participate in. I finally could not deny that I needed to bite the bullet and have the operation. Dr. Asp listened to me and compassionately told me I had nothing to fear, all would go well. And it did! Dr. Asp’s confidence and remarkable skills along with the competent and caring staff at Maple Grove Hospital and clinic made it possible for me to regain my ability to walk ( it’s almost like flying) again and I feel like a new person. I will definitely return for any other replacement surgeries to Dr. Asp as I now have confidence in his ability to get the job done correctly and his choices of a great team to make it a total winning package. I am so very grateful. Thank you so much!