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May 9, 2018

Bev T.

In November 2016, I underwent a total knee replacement by Dr. Arntson. I could not be happier with the results. I felt that through the entire process Dr. Arntson was there for me. I followed all of his post op instructions, attended my prescribed therapy appointments, exercised at home and today my knee is pain free. I actually took a two week cruise just a mere 8 weeks after my knee replacement. I was able to take walking tours, go up and down steps and resume my normal activities by that time. Plus there was only minimal scarring, so I was able to wear shorts. Dr. Arntson is a talented doctor and surgeon. I still need to have a total knee replacement on my other knee and when the time comes I will be seeing Dr. Arntson for that too. My husband tore his meniscus in a fall during the winter and Dr. Arntson repaired his knee too! My husband was back to work in 4 short days! We both agree that Dr. Arntson is OUR orthopedic go-to.