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December 19, 2016

Bryan C.

I sustained a traumatic injury to my lower right leg in September and was taken to the trauma unit at North Memorial. Dr. Wood performed a procedure the next day to externally fixate my lower leg. Two weeks later, she removed the external fixator and placed internal fixation hardware on the affected bones. My recovery has been swift and without hassle. Best of all, I am returning to the active lifestyle that I had enjoyed prior to the accident. There has been no residual joint pain, even though the break was also in my ankle. Dr. Wood’s confidence and competency were never in question throughout the entire process. Her support staff went above and beyond regularly to answer any questions and help us out. Nick was particularly helpful. My recovery is not yet complete, but I am getting pretty close. My family and I are beyond grateful for the efforts of Dr.Wood and her staff, and I would certainly recommend them to anyone needing an expert Orthopedic Surgeon.