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July 20, 2016

Carolyn S.

Dr. Schneider has done two knee replacements for me, a year and a half apart. The first one blew out fast and I had to wait a few months to get on the waiting list as it was November and everyone wants surgery before the year ends. I knew it was the right thing to do and the pain was so bad I was using a cane and felt like I was going to fall all the time. I had other family members who had Dr. Schneider and they were very pleased with the results. My first recovery was good and in in 7 months I took a European trip and was hiking through Sweden and Denmark with no pain on cobblestone streets. I had my second surgery a month ago and Dr. Schneider’s work is amazing. I talked a colleague into getting knee replacement surgery after my first surgery as mine went so well. She suffered with pain for years and she went to another facility in the Twin Cities and did not have a good experience. This summer she had her second surgery on the same knee. After a week from my most recent surgery I was not using a cane or walker and used limited pain meds. My therapy has gone very well and I am dismissed and will continue my therapy at home and a health club. Yesterday I treated myself to a pedicure. I was sitting next to an elderly gentleman and we got to talking. He had two hip replacements at Mayo Clinic. They did not go so well. When I told the man I had Dr. Schneider he said oh yes, he redid my second surgery as Mayo did not do the best job. He said that if he needed any further surgeries he would go back to Dr. Schneider in an instant. He was very pleased with the results. I told Dr. Schneider he can’t retire as I have too many family and friends who are in  need of care. Dr. Schneider and his team are prompt, professional, thorough, efficient, follow up on all details and run a well-tuned organization. I am looking forward to continued improvement, a trip to London this year and retirement with renewed vigor and health. I would highly recommend Dr. Schneider and his team to others needing orthopedic surgery.